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  • Michelle Yarn

Memorial Day Entertaining

It’s the perfect time of year for grilling, backyard BBQs and family picnics and with Memorial Day weekend upon us, here are some quick and easy ways to make your get together a tasty one!

Eggs are always a go-to.

They’re delicious, you can use them in so many different ways and if you go with Eggland’s Best Eggs, they’re chock full of nutritional benefits. Maintaining optimal nutritional health, especially when faced with summertime BBQs, means eating foods that give you superior nutritional benefits. By eating Eggland’s Best Eggs, you get 25% less saturated fat, 2x more omega-3s, 3x more vitamin B 12, 5X more vitamin D, and 10X more vitamin E when compared to the ordinary egg.

Whether you’re looking for a new go-to meal or a dish to bring to a summer gathering, incorporate Eggland’s Best Eggs, which are packed with lots flavor and those important nutrients. Right now I am loving these Crepe Quiche Cups made with Eggland’s Best eggs. It’s a fresh take on a classic dish!

Eggland’s Best strives for the freshest tasting eggs using a wholesome, all-vegetarian hen feed – a fresh egg equals a fresh recipe! Be sure to look for the distinctive “EB” stamp right on the shell to know you’re getting an EB egg.

The perfect burger.

Add crushed ice to the meat with your seasonings, then form your patty. When it’s time to grill them up, that ice keeps the meat nice and moist. Uou’ll get this amazing, juicy burger!

The Bread!

Just as important as the inside of your sandwich, is the outside. The bread HAS to be fresh, soft and flavorful. A good and simple choice is to include Nature's Own this Memorial Day. These breads and buns are baked for you without artificial preservatives, colors or flavors and no high fructose corn syrup. And Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat buns are an easy way to get more fiber and whole grains into your favorite burger.

In fact, Nature's Own has a full line of breads and buns that are sure to please the entire family. Here’s a little trick I like to use to help us keep track of WHO wants their burgers cooked WHICH way. Use your ketchup to write the temperature on the bun, then whoever is grilling will know how many of each they’ll need to cook and can match them to each of the buns!

A sweet idea.

This one is perfect for the kiddos. At my son’s recent beach birthday party, my aunt brought these cute little “PB&J Banana Dogs”. Just take your hot dog bun, add peanut butter, put the banana inside as your “dog” and top with jelly! So simple, easy to serve and super tasty. It’d be a perfect compliment to your spread this memorial day.

These are just a few ways I'm planning to serve up the perfect Memorial Day BBQ. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!


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