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Juicing Secrets

I want to let you guys in on my personal life. I’m reigniting my relationship... with juicing! I already knew that instead of eating veggies, juicing them is a fantastic way to take in so many important nutrients in a way that tastes great. One glass of juice or one bowl of soup made from fresh vegetables gives you a huge nutrient-packed energy boost.

I’d tried it in the past, but the juicer I had was so big and cumbersome, there were too many parts and it was always such an ordeal for me to make any juices. It was noisy and it sometimes ended up leaking everywhere which was a huge sticky mess. So there it sat in my kitchen cabinet for years.

Fast forward to today. Now that I have a family it’s even more of a priority to find simple ways to create cleaner, more nutrient dense recipes. Did you know that the newly updated food pyramid recommends we amp up our daily intake of fruits and vegetables? Not an easy task for busy families or veggie haters. My family happens to be both! But I’ll tell you, the idea of finagling a huge, loud appliance and leaving juice all over the counters was still fresh in my mind. I have two toddlers and a husband - I’ve got enough messes to clean up!

I did some research and I’m totally excited about this find - this gorgeous little thing is called The Novis Vita Juicer.

It's a new juicer from Switzerland and it turns all those uneaten veggies into vitamin-packed juice so even the vegetable-averse can get their minimum required 2.5 cups of veggies and 1.5 cups of fruits every day.

It fully extracts all of the vitamin-rich juice from fruits and vegetables including leafy greens like kale and spinach. It has an extremely high extraction percentage, which is the real measure of effectiveness as opposed to power or wattage. So you’re actually getting way more nutrient–bang from the dollars spent at the grocery store.

And it does far more than just juicing! This one single appliance does 4 essential functions: juicing, pureeing, citrus pressing, and a combination of pressing and at the same time. I can use this to make marinades, seedless berry purees for baking, soups, almond milk, cashew milk, fresh salad dressings. The list is endless! This intuitive appliance deserves prime counter space. It comes in 7 different colors, plus it’s easy to clean and doesn’t require a tutorial or chart to figure out how to get started.

Being that it’s summertime, I made the perfect drink for the season - a lemonade! My kids love lemonade, but I’m not too keen on letting them drink sugary, artificial stuff. I made a fresh, not too sweet, lemonade packed with a powerful punch of nutrients. This could not be simpler - you don’t even have to peel anything! Here are the ingredients:

-unpeeled cucumber cut in half

-an unpeeled, quartered lemon

-about 4 cups of fresh spinach

Blend it all together and I got a fresh, perfectly balanced tasting lemonade…. with nutrition to boot!


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