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Home Gardening Tips & Tricks

Now is the perfect time to get out the gardening tools and turn your yard into a beautiful oasis. But if you’re not exactly a green thumb, don’t worry, neither am I, and with these tips you don’t have to be an expert gardener to pull off a gorgeously green landscape.

1. Recycle

Instead of tossing your kitchen scraps, use them to enrich your soil. Banana peels, coffee grounds and eggshells are three common kitchen staples that make great additions to your soil. Crushed egg shells and chopped up banana peels improve drainage and add nutrients to the soil to promote plant growth. And the egg shells also keep snails and slugs away. Those coffee grounds make a great natural fertilizer and also help with water retention.

2. Shop smart

When it comes to landscaping, Kmart is my go-to for all things lawn and garden. It’s a fantastic place to shop for thrilling deals and amazing finds. The store is full of the most happy and helpful people making it happen every day. For all of you gardening gurus looking to get a start on sprucing up your yards, Kmart has you covered with a large assortment of outdoor and lawn garden offerings.

And now, Kmart is the first national retailer to devote a lifetime guarantee on plants. You read that correctly! Kmart’s new lawn and garden program is called “Plants for Life, Guaranteed” and it’s designed to allow shoppers the opportunity to purchase select trees, shrubs or perennial plants with confidence that they will last a lifetime – literally!

Just look for qualifying plants at a Kmart lawn and garden center with the “Plants for Life, Guaranteed” tag. Those plants will automatically come with a lifetime guarantee upon purchase of the plant, so if any eligible plant dies, simply return it to a local Kmart store, along with the original receipt, and Kmart will replace it for free!

It’s perfect for those looking to keep a well-maintained yard for years to come. For more info, you can visit or visit your local Kmart store.

3. Get crafty

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to maintain your yard. Sometimes you already have everything you need! For example, if you need a watering can, you can repurpose an old gallon milk jug. Just fill the jug with water, poke some holes in the lid and you’re all set!

If you’re growing some veggies this summer, you can make your own garden markers with some plastic forks! Just write the name of the plant on the handle, then stick the fork, prongs down, into the soil where you planted the seeds. Simple!

With these clever tricks, you too can count on having a beautiful yard all summer long!

Promotional consideration provided by Kmart


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