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Tricks to Keep Things Smelling Fresh

It’s time to clear the air! Sometimes our homes can get a little smelly. That’s life! So whether it’s the kids, the kitchen, or even the pets, here are some little tricks I use around the house to keep things smelling fresh.


It’s not just the boys in my house, we’re all offenders on this one! Did you know you can use tea bags to help get rid of odors in your shoes? Seriously! Place a few unused tea bags inside and let them sit for a few days. Tea bags are very absorbent. After a few days the smell should be gone!

For those pet parents

if you’ve got cats, you have to use a high quality cat litter. It will make all the difference in battling those unpleasant litter box odors. If you buy the right kind, you can also get more for your money. I have two kitties and by far this is my favorite litter - World’s Best Cat Litter™. It’s the only litter with concentrated power so you use and waste less litter. Even the smallest bag lasts one cat 30 plus days!

You get BIG odor control in a tiny package. World’s Best Cat Litter™ uses a patented process to compress naturally absorbent corn into concentrated granules that trap odor deep inside the litter. It's quick clumping and easy scooping! It traps liquids before they seep to the bottom of the box so you don’t need to chisel and scrape. One scoop and you’re done!

And beacuse it's made of corn, it's 99% dust free, flushable and pet, people and planet friendly! No more wasting money on giant boxes, jugs and bags of litter that don’t perform and no more nasty cat smells stinking up the house!

Make a DIY sachet

You can hide these all over your home to freshen things up. You can use old pantyhose, cheesecloth, burlap or any breathable fabric. Then, just fill the cloth with fresh, whole spices, herbs or even fabric with a few drops of essential oils and hang them wherever you need a little room freshening. They’re nice for drawers and closets, too!


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