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Summer Safety Tips

Summer is the time to relax and enjoy carefree days, but this time of year can also bring on challenges of unpredictable weather, run ins with mother nature and home safety. Here are some tips and great products that will help make this a safer, more enjoyable season for the whole family.

The Great Outdoors

Summer is synonymous with camping, ut the great outdoors can bring on the summer itches - things like insect bites, head lice and even poison ivy rash! Here are some definite go-tos of outdoor enthusiasts.

The NEW Tecnu Bites & Stings Itch and Pain Relief Wipes use a patented homeopathic formula in a unique textured wipe. They stop itching and pain from insect bites and stings. Use the textured side for insect bites and the soft side for bee stings.

This Tecnu Extreme Medicated Poison Ivy Scrub uses a homeopathic formula to remove the oil that causes poison ivy/oak rash in 15 seconds.

And parents, if the kids are headed to off to camp this summer, no need to fear that dreaded head lice infestation. This Licefreee Spray! Lice Treatment is a homeopathic lice treatment that starts working on contact. You just saturate the hair and let it air dry to kill lice and eggs in one step. Safe and easy.

Severe Weather

Another element of the outdoors to think about is severe weather. When it comes to summer storms and flooding, the best thing you can do is plan ahead. Especially if your hometown is filled with beautiful rivers, streams, drainage ditches, and canyons. You’ll want to stay away from these areas during severe weather and create a family disaster prep plan that includes an evacuation plan and an emergency survival kit.

To Protect your home, waterproof your basement to prevent seepage. You should also secure gas water heaters to keep them from floating or disconnecting. Raise your electrical system above flood level, install check valves in your plumbing and make sure sump pumps are working. If you live in an area with frequent flooding, consider keeping emergency building supplies on hand.

Also, make a plan to park, lock and leave vehicles with friends or relatives who live on high ground, well away from potential flooding.

Don't forget to PLAN AHEAD for coverage. A flood insurance policy normally takes 30 days from the date of purchase to go into effect. So don't wait until a flood is imminent to buy a policy. Visit to learn more.

Home Owners

When it comes to safety, homeowners should also pay attention to areas often overlooked both in the home and around the community – garage door openers and automatic gates. Did you know 1-in-15 garages and 3-out-of-4 gate systems lack the latest safety features?

So, Don’t Chance It. Check It. For more than 70 % of homeowners, the garage is the main access point to the home, so it’s vital that your garage door opener functions safely and properly. LiftMaster developed a simple 3-Step Safety Check you can perform in minutes. You can complete this simple process throughout the year when you’re checking other home safety devices, like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If your garage door opener fails any step of the check, contact a professional to fix it.

You can watch the 3-Step Safety Check and learn more about garage door safety online at

If you live in a gated community, LiftMaster recommends you also check your automatic gates to make sure they meet the latest safety standards. Gates should have photo eyes and should stop working if they aren’t functioning properly. If they don’t it’s time for them to be replaced!


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