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  • Michelle Yarn

Easy DIY Closet Upgrade

Do you ever “go shopping” in your own closet? It’s a great way to switch up your same few outfits that tend to get worn over and over again. If you really dig deep- and pull out that “oldie but goodie” - then pair it with something newer - it’s like you’ve suddenly got an entirely new outfit!

But it’s that digging part that was a challenge for me. It’s not so easy to get the most out of your wardrobe if you can’t even see what’s in it, right?! SO, I'm going to share how you can pull of a quick DIY closet upgrade. It’s a simple project that won’t take a lot of time or money to complete and in the end it will be easier to find the items you love, your space will look better and it will inspire you to get creative!

Step 1

Clear out your closet to really get a good idea of how much space you’re working with and how much stuff you actually have. This is also a good time to donate any items you don’t use any more and put away any seasonal clothing you won’t be needing for a while.

Step 2

Add in some functional organization. You can upgrade your current closet in less than 30 minutes without drilling any holes or removing shelves. I used ClosetMaid's Closet Maximizer. It’s a tool-free solution and as long as your closet is 4 foot or wider, you’re ready to go! It securely clips to an existing wire or wood hang rod and it’s so easy to attach and detach. You could move it from closet to closet any time you like! The functional modern design with sturdy, rounded wood shelves and metal accents enhances any closet. I used white, but it also comes in chocolate and dark cherry finishes and the adjustable hang rod can be positioned on either side to customize your space.

Step 3

The third step in our closet upgrade is to get cohesive. If you keep all of your hangers the same, it will give your closet a streamlined, more cohesive look. Here’s a cool trick - wrap rubber bands around the ends of your hangers to keep dresses loose shirts from slipping off!

Step 4

Finally, customize your look with fabric bins and storage bags, like these from Closetmaid. They are great for storing things like purses, scarves, and other odds and ends.

Everything has a home and your closet will look brand new again! Now you can easily see what you’ve got and have some fun pairing old and new items together for some fun summer looks!


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