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  • Michelle Yarn

Simple Cleaning Hacks

If you like to spend the day cleaning your house, then you are one of a kind, but if you prefer to have some simple cleaning hacks in your pocket, then I've got you covered.

1. Dryer sheets have many purposes aside from getting rid of static cling in your dryer! Place sheets in a/c vents around your house for a constantly good-smelling home. Another use? Cleaning those stubborn pots and pans! It's an overnight task, but fill the dirty pan with water and add a dryer sheet. It will loosen that grime, making it easy to wash the next day.

2. Ever notice a grease stain when it comes to laundry time? Chalk will do the trick to remove the stain! Rub the chalk onto the clothing and let it to sit for a few minutes. Once the time has passed, wipe away the chalk and the stain.

3. White vinegar is a multi-functional household staple from recipes to cleaning! It will help you get that microwave clean within minutes. In a measuring cup, put equal parts of water and white vinegar. For cautionary measure, put a toothpick in the solution to avoid splatter and heat for a few minutes. With a oven-mit, remove the cup since it will be hot. Then wipe out the microwave. It will be an easy clean since the steam has broken down that grime!

3. Does your trash can ever get smelly from things that happen to fall to the bottom of the can? Place newspaper on the bottom of the trashcan, below the trashbag, and it will quickly absorb that moisture and odor.

4. Another place that tends to harbor smells... the litter box! Constantly buying more litter, cleaning up the mess and coming home to a smelly home on hot days. No way! So here's your hack - corn. Only World’s Best Cat Litter harnesses the concentrated power of corn so you get a cleaner litter box with less litter and less hassle! SPEND LESS TIME SHOPPING too beacause even their smallest bag last one cat 30 days! And SPEND LESS TIME CLEANING with a quick-clumping solution that makes cleanup a breeze! Scoop once and you’re done.

5. Sponges take a beating when it comes to cleaning those dishes and counters, but they also are a placeholder for tons of bacteria. Removing the bacteria is easy! Wet your sponge and put in the microwave for 2 minutes. Once that micro-bell rings, you've just killed 99% of those germs.


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