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  • Michelle Yarn

The Perfect Summer Craft Beer

The golden days of summer are here and that means ballgames, BBQs and beaches - but it also means the sweltering sun. I have the perfect drink suggestion to help you cool off this summer!

Sam Adams Summer Ale. This was first released 20 years ago and it was actually one of the first-ever seasonal beers in America and has been a hot weather favorite ever since.

And you know how everyone is crazy about craft beers these days? Well Sam Adams brewery in Boston actually helped launch the craft beer revolution in 1984 when the founder, Jim Cook, brewed the first batch of Samuel Adams Boston Lager in his kitchen and introduced America to a flavorful handcrafted beer.

The flavor of Sam Adams Summer Ale is crisp and tangy - it’s actually brewed with lemon peel and Grains of Paradise, a rare peppery spice that creates a unique, refreshing brew. Summer Ale is available nationwide—but only during the summer months!

Summer Ale pairs perfectly with all sorts of summer meals too. The citrus flavors complement grilled fish, like salmon, or a nice summery caesar salad or even a great side like guacamole.

The zesty kick from the Grains of Paradise goes great with heartier dishes like BBQ chicken or a cheesesteak. And for lobster, the crisp wheat character of Sam Summer balances out the buttery meat while the citrus adds a fresh bite to the combination.

Beyond food pairings, Sam Adams even has some recommended recipes for cooking with Summer Ale. From a beer-boiled spiced shrimp to a Summer Ale butter to use on corn or to dip lobster, check out for a range of recipes!

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