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Summer Vacation Guide: Cruising 101

How’s your summer vacation planning coming along? Beach getaway, adventurous trip, foodie fun, maybe a little casino time? How about doing it all? You can, with a cruise!

Here’s a little cruising 101 to get you into vacation mode:

Whichever type of vacation you're looking for this summer, there's a cruise to fit your needs -- from the family-friendly Carnival Cruise Line, to the premium brands Princess Cruises and Holland America Line to the volunteer-based Fathom brand to the ultra-luxury Seabourn brand.

Cruises have something for every member of your family. From fun activities for children to adults-only relaxation spa areas -- everyone is sure to have a good time. And with voyages ranging from 3 - 21 days, there are trips that will make your summer vacation one to remember.

Cruises make it possible to get the most out of your time away without much effort. You'll get to see multiple destinations, lounge on several beaches and only have to unpack once. And they’re cost effective, too.

Carnival Corporation's annual vacation budget study once again concluded that the No. 1 vacation value in the world is – taking a cruise. Run the numbers yourself; dollar for dollar you get more value for your hard earned money aboard a cruise ship. And as I mentioned, there’s a little something for everyone.

For the beach goers...

If you really want time on a great beach like those in Nassau, a Caribbean cruise with Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line or Princess Cruises will take you to several of the world’s very best beaches.

For Adventure Seekers...

You want high energy activity like an Orlando theme park? Cruise ships can’t replicate the enormous scale of theme parks, but cruise ships do offer a huge menu of physically active adventures, and great recreation and workout facilities that include everything from volleyball and basketball courts to yoga studios.

There’s all sorts of exciting water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling, jet skiing and parasailing, and more relaxing activities like clay shooting, mini-golf and even driving ranges while in port. On top of all that, today’s cruise ships are, in effect, floating world-class spas like Carnival’s Princess Cruises which has a “Sanctuary” spa area of the ship with spa packages and “Serenity Stewards” to meet your every relaxation need. And at night you can enjoy fantastic shows, entertainers and clubs that are the equal of anything you’ll find on land, even in Las Vegas.

Feeling Lucky?

If you want to gamble there actually might not be a better place to do it than aboard a cruise ship. Vegas and Nassau may have lots more tables than any one cruise ship, but nothing beats the gaming tables-per-passenger ratio that you’ll find on cruise ships. That means cruise passengers can get in on more action than gamblers anywhere else. You can even earn rewards as part of a casino loyalty program like the Club 21 Players Club on Carnival’s Holland America Line brand.

For the explorers...

If sight-seeing, or exploring local culture, art and history is your thing, it’s hard to beat a floating resort that allows you to explore three or four breathtakingly beautiful and exotic locations in a single week.

And for the explorers that like to really connect with the destination they’re visiting, Carnival’s Fathom cruise line is perfect for you – you’ll get the opportunity to participate in social impact activities like making water filters or teaching English in local schools to really immerse yourself in the local culture and give back during your trip.

Foodies rejoice!

If you’re like most people, when you’re on vacation one of your favorite things to do is eat really well. And you simply can’t beat the world-class food served – at all hours – aboard cruise ships. For example, you can enjoy a delicious burger from famed chef personality Guy Fieri at Guy’s Burger Joint onboard a Carnival Cruise Line ship or dine on food that is a true work of art from world renowned Chef Thomas Keller onboard a Seabourn ship.

Whatever you decide, a cruise with Carnival will make your summer a memorable one. Visit to book!


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