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  • Michelle Yarn

Affordable Home Upgrade with a Big Impact

If you’re looking to spruce up your home, here’s an affordable upgrade that makes a huge impact. Replacing your garage door! It’s the largest and most-used entry point of the home. Whether it’s outdated, not functioning properly or you simply want a change - an upgrade can refresh and transform the entire look of your home!

There are lots of factors to consider like style options, material and price, so make sure you choose a trusted brand that offers plenty of options and makes it easy to get the process started! Overhead Door is a great choice because the company has garage doors and openers for every type of home including traditional, carriage house and modern styles.

And Overhead Door is celebrating its 95th anniversary this year! In 1921, C.G. Johnson invented the upward lifting garage door and started The Overhead Door Company. Ninety-five years later, Overhead Door is keeping the legacy alive with more than 400 distributors in the United States and Canada who proudly display the Red Ribbon logo.

At a time when cars were replacing horses as modes of transportation, Johnson was a true innovator, creating a solution that homeowners everywhere needed with the upward- lifting garage door.

A few years later, he came up with another convenient solution for homeowners with the invention of the electric garage door opener. While the company has evolved over the years, Overhead Door is still known for its identity of quality, service and integrity. The Red Ribbon Logo represents superior products, expert service and excellent distributors.

So make sure you head to and check them out on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll find all the info you need to get started upgrading your garage door and freshening up the look of your home!


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