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  • Michelle Yarn

Tricks Every Pet Parent Should Know

Taking care of an animal is a super important job - it’s a labor of love! But, it doesn’t have to be too much work. Especially if you try out these quick tricks that every pet parent should know about!

Dog Parents

Does your dog just wolf down his food as soon as you put it out for him? Use a muffin pan to spread out his meal. Or try putting a tennis ball in his food bowl. He’ll have to eat around it and it will slow him down! Just make sure it’s big enough that he can’t try to eat it!

These next two tricks works for anyone with a pet that sheds...

Shed Hack #1

Put a pillowcase over your pet’s bed for easy cleaning. Then all you have to do is switch it out for a clean case when you want a fresh bed, wash the dirty pillowcase and you’re done.

Shed Hack #2

You can use a simple shower squeegee to remove embedded hair from your carpet. Seriously! Drag the squeegee across the carpet or rug and the rubber blade rolls all of the hair together. Once most of the pet hair has been successfully removed, a vacuum should be able to finish the job. So simple!

Cat Parents

Cleaning out that litter box is not the most fun job when you have to constantly buy more litter, clean up the mess and come home to a smelly home on hot days. Here's your hack - corn!

Only World’s Best Cat Litter™ harnesses the concentrated power of corn so you get a cleaner litter box with less litter and less hassle! SPEND LESS TIME SHOPPING because even their smallest bag lasts one cat 30 days. Plus, SPEND LESS TIME CLEANING with a quick-clumping solution that knocks out odor and makes cleanup a breeze. Scoop once and you’re done. It’s super light and you can even flush it. That means no more nasty litter in your garbage cans! Scoop once, flush - it’s septic-safe - and you’re done

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Ant Attack

This next trick comes in handy if you’ve got an outdoor pet or you feed your pets outside. One problem with that is ANTS always trying to get into the bowl. All you need is chalk! Use the chalk to draw a line around the food and they won’t cross it because ants HATE chalk.

Tasty Treat

For a tasty summer dog treat, take some sliced apples and put them into an ice cube tray, top with chicken broth and freeze. Instant dog treats! It also works well with blended peanut butter and bananas.

With these tips, you can spend less time working and more time playing with your fur babies.


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