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Fruit On Demand: Quick, Easy & Healthy Snacks for Your Fall TV Binge Watching

The summer season is starting to wind down and you know what that means...the new lineup of Fall TV shows is right around the corner! But before you slip on your comfy sweatpants and grab the remote control, I’m going to share 3 quick and healthy recipes to enjoy as you binge watch your favorite shows.

The whole idea behind this is to come up with snacks that are quick and easy, but still tasty and good for you. For these 3 recipes, I incorporated DOLE Jarred Fruits. These are so convenient because there’s no cutting, peeling or mess. Just open the jar and taste the goodness of high quality, ready-to-eat fruit packed in 100% fruit juice. Plus, every jar has a re-sealable lid. Just scoop out what you need and then save the rest. You don’t have to worry about waste and you can easily save the leftover fruit for your next snack craving. It’s fruit On-Demand!

Orange Chipotle Avocado Toast

Full recipe found here

This recipe is so easy, you can make it during a commercial break. It's a savory snack with a kick and I used the Dole Jarred Mandarin Oranges for this one. You simply top some toasted whole wheat bread with diced avocado. Toss oranges with chipotle peppers and spoon that over the avocado toast and finish with a squeeze of lime. Yum!

Tropical Fruit Coconut Bowl

Full recipe found here

This next recipe is sweet and creamy. Put about a quarter cup DOLE Jarred Tropical Fruit into a bowl, add some coconut or vanilla yogurt and top with more fruit and some pistachios for crunch. Quick and easy! Less time in the kitchen means more time watching your favorite shows, right?

Peach Crisp Pops

Full recipe found here

This last recipe is a cool treat! Using a jar of Dole Sliced Peaches, I just combined some of the fruit juice from the jar with maple syrup, cinnamon, granola and vanilla greek yogurt. Then, place two peach slices in your popsicle mold, pour your yogurt mixture over top and pop them in the freezer! When they’ve set partially add a popsicle stick then let them freeze until firm. Done!

Keep your kitchen stocked with DOLE Jarred Fruit so you can create these snacks or simply top your favorite dish with a serving of fruit. And now you’ve got some quick and easy healthy snack ideas to keep you company while you catch up on your favorite shows!


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