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  • Michelle Yarn

An Easy & Fun Way to Give Back

We all have causes that are close to our hearts and giving back to charity is one of the best feelings! Sure, you can write a check, but money isn’t the only way to support the organizations that mean so much to us. Here’s some fun and easy ways to give back without having to give a dime—or a ton of time! Any pet lover knows that animal shelters are always in need of our support. There are more than 3 MILLION shelter cats in the U.S. alone! Adopting a pet and donating money are always great, but here’s another way to give back—with GiveLitter™.

GiveLitter™ is the charitable arm of World’s Best Cat Litter™. The program has helped cat lovers donate more than 450,000 pounds of litter to shelter cats. That’s A LOT of litter! But you can help them reach this year’s 90,000 pound goal with a new online game!

The litter that makes it easier to clean your litter box is making it easier to support cats with PURRRSUIT—a super fun app that lets you donate pounds of litter - for free - each time you play! You pet cats and when you get them all purring, you beat the level and World’s Best Cat Litter™ donates more litter.

And GiveLitter™ has a charitable round going on right now! Go to and play the game on your computer. Or you can play on your phone or tablet by downloading it on the Apple App Store or Google Play. It’s the PURRRfect way to give back!


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