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Dorm Room Style Essentials

The college bound crowd is heading back to campus and to dorm life! Let’s send them back in style with some must haves for Dorm Room Living.

1. Bring on the Fun

Let’s start by decking out your dorm room with some fun, functional speakers and sound systems.

This Motion Lamp Wireless Speaker from Sharper Image® ( is a throwback with a modern twist! Flip a switch to activate the motion lamp’s bubbles.The base of the lamp is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker to pair with your compatible devices.

The Lightshow Water Speakers by Sharper Image® ( also pairs via bluetooth, and you get bass from the this powerful sub-woofer so you get rich stereo sound and the water fountain dances in time to the beat of your favorite music.

The Mega Sound System from Sharper Image® ( is a one-stop party shop. You just hook up any Bluetooth®-enabled device or connect with the USB port and hear your playlist in booming bass. You could also connect a microphone or a guitar. There are 6 light modes for some fun visual display and it’s totally portable.

And you’ve got to have an awesome tailgate speaker! The Wireless Tailgate Speaker from Sharper Image® ( with an LED light Disco Ball lets you stream your music via bluetooth and it also has guitar and microphone jacks. This would make an awesome karaoke machine! Pop the handle and wheel it where you want it!

2. Functional Decor

Now that you’re entertainment is taken care of, let’s talk about dressing up your dorm with functional decor. Anywhere you can add a pop of fun and color is a bonus! So here’s a way to bring sophisticated style to everyday products.

Method is already a pioneer in design-driven, planet-friendly home and personal care products and it’s launching its second-ever designer collaboration featuring Brooklyn-based designer Rebecca Atwood. This is a limited edition collection for Fall and includes four custom patterns and fragrances.

These are inspired by autumn harvests and family feasts so you can bring in the rich colors and scents of the season into your dorm - including pink persimmon, pumpkin clove, wild violet and blue sage. And they’re so stylish! I also love that the collection is made with plant-based ingredients and bottled in 100% recyclable packaging, so it's a product you can feel good about using and displaying in your dorm.

You’ll find these for $3.49, exclusively at Target in-store and through the end of the year. 3. Personal Style

Finally, let’s talk about your “personal” style this semester. The undone look definitely on trend and you need the right products to pull it off! The göt2b mess-merizing collection is the perfect product system to create artfully undone styles that last. Talk about a life-saver for the first-time college student rolling out of bed and running to class with a few minutes to spare. got2b can totally help you achieve the “bed head" look

The texturing hairspray gives you touchable texture with a casual natural finish. Spray over dry hair, give it a tousle to style it, then spray again for extra hold.

The sculpting spritz will create defined textures and tousled creations. Spray this on damp hair and let it dry naturally or you could give it a quick blow dry.

And the messyfying putty creates edgy, disheveled styles with texturized layers. You just need a dime size amount on dry or damp hair.

This whole collection is fabulous and you can pick these up at mass food and drug retailers nationwide.


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