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Simplify The Dinner Routine: Tips For Simple, Tasty Meals

What should I make? Do I have everything I need? Will the kids eat it? How much work will it take to put together?! If you’re like most moms, the thought of the whole dinner time routine has you totally stressed. So it’s time to simplify and streamline! I've teamed up with Stouffer's to share some of my best tips...

1. Lay out some sort of plan.

I’m not the best at sticking to an exact meal for each night, but if we set templates or themes, that’s something I can work with. For example, this week we have everything from “Soup Saturdays” to “Crock Pot Sunday”, “Leftover Mondays" - Tuesday is "Pasta night" and so on. It takes the guesswork out of planning and shopping, the kids can have some input, and it keep us on track with spending, instead of just winging it.

2. Work Smarter, Not Harder

When it comes to cooking, let’s keep the ingredients simple and the meals tasty. Take Pasta night for instance. It’s is always a big hit in our house, especially when lasagna is on the menu. As a mom, it’s important for me to provide my family with meals that taste delicious, are simple to make and are also made with quality ingredients. Stouffer’s checks all those boxes! Remember, we’re working smarter, not harder!

Stouffer’s has just announced that they’re simplifying recipes according to their new “Kitchen Cupboard” commitment, starting with their classic Lasagna with Meat and Sauce. They’re shortening and simplifying recipes and only including ingredients you might find at home, like vine-ripened tomatoes, freshly made pasta, and real mozzarella. Pop it in the oven and now I’ve got time to focus on other things while my meal cooks itself!

Another thing I love about Stouffer’s, is that it actually started as a small family-run Cleveland restaurant over 90 years ago. Customers loved the food so much, they started asking for take-away versions of their favorites, so the Stouffer family began freezing and selling their popular items. And the rest is history!

We’ve got the main dish covered, now all I need is a side salad and some garlic bread. And that’s where we get to the next tip to simplify mealtime...

3. Take advantage of eager little helpers.

My oldest son Jack is 4 now so he loves helping out. For my salad, he can wash veggies - rinsing lettuce leaves, count the toppings, he even helps with setting the table . It’s not always the fanciest, but it’s definitely the cutest!

So there you go moms! A quick, simple guide to making mealtime easier, tastier and a lot more fun for the fam.


*Sponsored by Stouffer's

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