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Grocery Shopping Tips & Tricks

If you’re like me, the grocery store is like a second home. At one point I think I was going every single day. So, I’ve learned a thing or two about getting in and out like a pro! Here are some of the tricks that work for me.

1. Timing is everything.

My husband thinks I’m crazy for grocery shopping by myself at the “weird times.” I like to hit the store either first thing in the morning, right when they open - or later in the evening, right after the kids go to bed. The off hours are the best kept secret, ever! It’s quieter, I’m not fighting for the last loaf of bread or weaving my way through grocery cart traffic. I can actually take my time comparing items and picking the best fruits and veggies. And check out is a breeze! No stress.

2. Consolidate.

Try to consolidate your shopping list and the ingredients you need for meals. Here’s an example. We are huge lasagna fans at my house, so vine-ripened tomatoes, freshly made pasta, real mozzarella - those are things I’d need to make it from scratch. But, let’s simplify and consolidate! You can already find those ingredients all together in a Stouffer's Lasagna with Meat and Sauce. Take a look at their ingredient list - they’re all here!

Stouffer’s is shortening and simplifying its recipes, starting with the Meat and Sauce Lasagna. It’s part of their new Kitchen Cupboard commitment. No preservatives, no artificial colors, and no artificial flavors. Just a short and sweet list of ingredients like the ones you’d use at home. As a mom, it’s important for me to provide my family with meals that taste delicious, are simple to make and are also made with quality ingredients. Stouffer’s checks all those boxes! Pop it in the oven and now I’ve got time to focus on other things while my meal cooks itself!

3. Keep your reusable bags and a laundry basket in your car at all times.

Okay, stay with me here. The bags are pretty self explanatory - you can’t forget to bring them with you if they’re already in the car. The laundry basket is a total game changer! After you shop, load your full grocery bags in it. When you get home, pick up your basket and make your way inside like a boss. I can usually get everything in in one trip! After you unload, just put the bags and the basket in your trunk for next time.

And those are just a few of the ways I make grocery shopping a whole lot easier!


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