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  • Michelle Yarn

Tricks to Treat those SPOOKY Halloween Messes

Halloween is upon us and we know that some of our biggest nightmares come from trying to keep the house clean. We’re all busy and that list of chores can get downright scary. Well, here are some tricks that will treat you to a cleaner house with less hassles!

Problem: Sticky candy

The influx of candy this time of year may have the kids excited, but the sticky mess it can leave behind isn’t so sweet. Lollipops and taffy are like the worst offenders! First, scrape as much of the candy off as possible and then blot with a mixture of vinegar and warm water. Keep blotting until the stain is completely removed-- and remember to rinse it well with water to remove all the sugar.

Problem: Spilled Wax

It’s bound to happen - your spooky candles leave behind a mess of dripped wax on your carpet or fabrics. No worries! First tip is to let the wax dry because trying to clean it while it’s hot could burn you or just spread the wax even more. Let it dry, then break up the big chunks with a dull edge, like a butter knife. Pick up what you can, then try this trick - lay a rag over the leftover pieces and run a warm iron over it. It’ll soften the wax and the rag will pick it up!

Problem: Stinky Litter Box

What else to better represent Halloween than a black cat?! We love our little black kitty, Citgo.

But if you have a cat, you know the litter box can be a nightmare. The phantom smells that come out of nowhere, the endless scooping?! It’s like that thing is haunted right? Well, we have our own trick to help you avoid a scary litter box experience and it’s World’s Best Cat Litter™.

Only World’s Best Cat Litter™ harnesses the concentrated power of corn so you get a cleaner litter box with less litter and less hassles. World’s Best Cat Litter™ quickly traps nasty pet smells before they become a monster problem. It’s quick clumping and easy scooping so you aren’t left with frightening messes at the bottom of the box. You just scoop once and you’re done! And because it harnesses concentrated power, you can use less and get more! Even their smallest bag lasts one cat 30 days. It’s almost scary how long it lasts! So don’t be afraid of the litter box. Treat yourself to an easy litter box experience with the World’s Best Cat Litter™ formula that is right for you. They have options for every type of cat owner.

And those are just a few tricks for keeping those spooky spills and messes from haunting the whole house.

One more thing! You guys know we love giving away free stuff around here, SO, one lucky winner will receive a 6 month supply of World’s Best Cat litter! ENTER HERE October 22 through - October 30, 2016 . We’ll announce the winner on our Facebook page on October 31st. Good luck!


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