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  • Michelle Yarn

Tips to Cut Stress this Holiday Entertaining Season

Whether you are celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s or another fun occasion – it’s easy to get overloaded during the holidays. The secret is in the preparations. The more prep work you do, the less stress come party time! So here are some prep tips for the holiday entertaining season.

1. Let Go Of Perfection

Let go of your “perfect” holiday gathering. It’s not realistic and besides, no one expects you to be the PERFECT hostess. Think about what you can accomplish and stick to it. If a 5 course home cooked meal is too much to handle - cater instead! Don’t have time to bake dessert from scratch? Pick it up at your local bakery and put it on a pretty plate! The point is that you’re spending time with your loved ones and not in the kitchen running around like a mad woman!

2. Dial Down The Decor

And on that note - it’s okay to dial down the decor, too. Simple is just as beautiful. A simple wreath on the mantle makes a nice statement piece over your crackling fire. Or head outside and grab some pine cones and branches - that’s mother nature’s best decor

For your tablescape, don’t worry if you don’t have a huge set of fine china. One option is to rent the items you need for the night from a party supply store. It’s quick and you won’t have to store the items all year long. Or try your hand at disposables - you’d be amazed at how classy it can look.

3. Insure Your Pets

And finally, don’t forget to plan for your pets. They’re family, too! Trupanion is a company providing medical insurance for cats and dogs, and it frequently sees pets who are inadvertently put at risk as a result of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

In fact, Trupanion sees an increase in pet toxicity during the holiday season as snooping pets get into savory foods, tinsel, mistletoe, and other hazardous decorations around the house, which can add unnecessary stress to an already busy time of year. Having your pet insured with a policy through Trupanion guarantees there will be no hesitation or time wasted trying to get the best care should your furry family member get into mischief

Trupanion covers up to 90% of eligible treatments with no payout limits and pays veterinarians directly, so there is no need to worry about coming up with payment upfront and waiting to be reimbursed - giving you peace of mind for a worry free holiday season.

And there you go - with just a few easy preparations, you will be one step closer to a holiday entertaining season that’s fun, festive, and worry free!


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