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Our New Space!

So you may have noticed the new digs lately? The Lifestyle List has a whole new home! We found an amazing open space that had great bones but needed a major facelift. We’re so excited about the end result and I wanted to take you all on a quick tour of the place and share all the details of the renovation!

It started with tearing down some walls to clear up space, then we added some fresh new paint and next it was time to figure out the flooring. Now you’ve seen me talk about how awesome Pergo Flooring is and we knew we wanted something to make a big impact so Pergo was a no-brainer. And it’s sold in Lowe’s stores so very easy to get a hold of!

There are so many different colors, textures and widths to choose from and we decided on the Pergo Max River Road Oak in the front entryway - it has that warm aged charm so it’s perfect for rustic “or” modern settings.

And then we went with the Premier Heathered Oak throughout the rest of the space. It’s a really pretty soft heather grey tone with white graining.

These are so durable! Pergo laminate floors look like real hardwood but are built to stand up to the drips, drops and dings of everyday life. And they’re simple to maintain – the perfect floor for kids and peta or busy television studios with high traffic! Plus, these are easy to install - it seriously took two days. A DIYer could transform a room in a weekend. The planks just click and lock together and the Limited Lifetime warranty is a definite bonus!

Watch the transformation happen below!

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