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  • Michelle Yarn

Tech To Help You Be More Productive

If you’re hoping to be more productive in 2017, here is some amazing tech to help you do it!

This is the Bamboo Folio - it’s a smart notepad for the person on the go. And that means You’ll never lose an idea again! There are so many possibilities with this Bamboo Folio. At first glance it’s like any other pen and pad...

But with this, you can write your notes naturally with this pen on any paper and instantly digitize your handwritten notes and sketches with the push of a button.

Think of it this way - it goes where you go and works the way you want to work. Project manage your remodel. Keep track of your kids’ chores. Plan your next vacation. Sketch out that backyard project. Use the smart pad to write notes in class or in a meeting, then convert them to digital and use Wacom Inkspace for enhanced performance. You could use Bamboo Paper to add color, and continue your work using Wacom Ink Layer Language (WILL) technology.

With the touch of button, your file is saved on the cloud or available to use with other popular apps like OneNote or Evernote. And you can access all your notes on your smartphone! You can even split or combine pages of notes, reorganize or edit individual notes and enhance notes and sketches by adding strokes, color or highlights with editable digital ink. How cool is that?!

This dark gray smart pad has a durable nylon cover for protection and inside I love the slots to help you stay organized.

It’s really a breeze to use and set-up takes less than 3 minutes. Turn Bamboo Folio on, pair the Wacom Inkspace app with the device, and you’re off to the races. Sync your files when you’re connected via Bluetooth or store up to 100 pages on the device.

Bamboo Folio comes with more than 9 months of ink for your pen and you can use any paper, up to 100 pages. The pen offers 1200 layers of pressure sensitivity and the technology grows along with you so as new and upgraded capabilities come live, all you do is update the app and you’re live with the latest and greatest tech.

Get the essentials with a free Inkspace Basic subscription or unlock more features with a 3-month free subscription to Inkspace Plus. Visit to learn more!

Now the only thing left to do is get that creativity flowing and put your pen to paper. Here’s to a more inspiring and productive 2017!

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