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  • Michelle Yarn

Simple & Refreshing Cocktails for A Valentine’s Night In

You don’t always have to go out on the town to have a good time and this Valentine’s Day, why not spend a relaxing evening IN with some good company and a great cocktail?! Whether it’s a girls’ night or a special date with your significant other, it’s always a great idea to keep your plans simple for a night in. The point is to relax, not worry about doing lots of prep work and serving!

Here are 2 really simple drink ideas to get you inspired! I made a Mojo Berry Margarita and Ginger Blossom Moscow Mule - each using just 3 ingredients.

The first ingredient you’ll definitely need is some Sipp Sparkling Organics. Sipp is an organic craft soda that is all natural and made with organic extracts. It’s lightly sweetened with organic agave and lightly carbonated, which is perfect for mixing with cocktails. And all of the Sipp Sparkling Organics have some truly unique layers of flavor that can be enjoyed with a meal or by itself as a better-for-you soda option.

For example, Mojo Berry consists of blackberry, mint & lime. So when we use it to create our first cocktail - the Mojo Berry Margarita - you get an amazing twist on your classic Margarita. The mint really bumps it up a notch!

To make it, you mix Sipp’s Mojo Berry flavor with just tequila and fresh squeezed lime juice and you’re done! It’s a totally refreshing and light margarita, with no artificial ingredients and way less sugar than margarita mix.

And if you like Moscow Mules, you will love this next cocktail idea using Sipp’s Ginger Blossom flavor. You just mix fresh squeezed lime with vodka then mix in your Sipp Ginger Blossom to make a delicious Moscow Mule with less sugar and less calories, but so much flavor! That’s because the Ginger Blossom is a blend of ginger, vanilla and lime. All of those flavors work so well together, especially in this upgraded version of a traditional Moscow Mule.

There are way more ideas where this came from so be sure to follow Sipp on Facebook @haveasipp or on Instagram @sippecobev for more recipes, food pairing suggestions, and giveaways. Then try your hand at these simple better-for-you cocktails and let’s toast to a great night IN this Valentine’s Day!


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