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  • Michelle Yarn

A Very Special “Something Blue”

Wedding season is almost here and every bride dreams of a ceremony that’s unique to her. So whether you’re planning your own nuptials or maybe you know a bride-to-be, here’s an idea to make that special day stand out.

We all know the saying “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE”. It’s an age old tradition naming the 4 items every bride should incorporate into her wedding for good luck. Well, here’s a “something blue” to make your wedding toast an even more magical moment.

Blanc de Bleu Brut is the world’s first blue sparkling wine made with organic blueberry. The color is amazing! It’s quickly gaining popularity in the wedding market.

You get the perfect combination of taste, visual appeal and soothing color of blue that is capturing the fascination of couples throughout the U.S. In fact, color experts have associated Blanc de Bleu’s shade of blue as a symbol of loyalty and faith, the way couples feel toward each other on their wedding. It wows people even before their first sip.

And wouldn’t this also make a fabulous wedding gift? I love the elegant label with a shade of blue that looks stunning inside a striking bottle. An elegance all wrapped in a veil of charm.

It’s a dry and crisp Brut with just enough organic blueberry to make a subtle impact. Blanc de bleu is made with grapes grown in Northern California vineyards known for their cool and clear breezes. Most enjoy Blanc de Bleu in a glass and like that subtle hint of blueberry on the finish.

But some wedding couples have even used their creativity, and served Blanc de Bleu with fresh blueberries. Others have served Blanc de Bleu signature drinks, like this Blanc de Bleu Punch:

There are endless options, really. When you visit their new website,, you can view videos on how to make Blanc de Bleu mixed cocktails. To find your nearest retailer to buy, click here. You’ll also find it at many restaurants, bars and hotels throughout the U.S.

Whatever the special celebration or event, Blanc de Bleu offers an original sparkling wine that is different than all the rest. So let’s make it that “something blue” in your magical moments!


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