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  • Michelle Yarn

Guy’s Grooming Guide: Easy Changes For Big Impact

Men may not typically love spending a ton of time or effort on their appearance, but it doesn’t mean they can’t - or don’t want to - look and feel their best! And guys, sometimes it’s the smallest changes that can make a huge impact. Here are a few tips:

Let’s talk about that dress shirt.

A lot of guys will roll the sleeves. It’s more practical and isn’t so hot and restricting, but there is a way to roll them so they stay put AND look neat and stylish. Instead of rolling the cuff over and over, flip it back back and pull it to just below the elbow, pulling the sleeve inside out as you go.

Then take that bottom portion and fold it up until it traps and covers the bottom cuff.

It won’t come unrolled or slide down, it’s easy to adjust, and it’s also great for showing off those shirts with contrasting inner colors. Fancy!

Here’s an easy grooming tip for guys with gray.

This is a smart shampoo that gradually and permanently reduces gray. Seriously! It’s called Control GX and it’s from Just For Men (

It’s simply a shampoo guys can use instead of their usual shampoo for a couple of weeks until they reduce their amount of gray to achieve the look they want. You don’t have to reduce all of your gray, you could just blend the gray a bit. Or use it until all of the gray is gone. Once you’ve got the look you want, just use it a few times a week in rotation with the usual shampoo for maintenance. Quick and easy, total technical breakthrough - it’s the first and only shampoo that delivers permanent gray reduction.

And one more simple step to make any guy’s life easier...

When you’re done shaving, blast your razor with a blow dryer! Take an extra 30 seconds to flip on the blow dryer and hit the blades. It will dry up and then blow out any whiskers you’ve gotten stuck in there. Works a heck of a lot better than shaking it around under the water and as an added bonus, since your razor is now dry, it will prevent oxidation and rusting from dulling or damaging the blades.

These 3 really simple solutions can make any man’s life a little easier and have them looking a little more put together, too!


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