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Spring Cleaning: Natural Stone

It’s about that time to tackle your spring cleaning! And just like any other task, if you have the right tools, the job will be much easier.

Your counters and floors are the two areas that tend to get a lot of traffic and need the most attention. If you’ve got natural stone in your home, you will need the right cleaning products to protect it. Common, everyday household cleaners can actually damage granite counters and other natural stone surfaces like your floors. And nobody wants to deal with expensive repairs or replacements! So switch out your products for something like this: Granite Gold!

These are stone care products from a family of third-generation stone care experts. They’re safe on food-prep surfaces, non-toxic and non-acidic, biodegradable, and do not contain phosphates or ammonia.

Keep in mind the 3 most critical steps for protecting natural stone counters like granite, marble and travertine are CLEAN, SEAL and POLISH.

1. CLEAN it often to keep food and drink from damaging the stone. The Granite Gold Daily Cleaner is perfect for the job.

2. SEAL it frequently for that extra resistance to staining, etching and soil build-up with Granite Gold Sealer.

Try this test: pour water on the surface and let it sit for 30 minutes. If you see a dark mark or ring, the water is penetrating the stone and it’s time to reseal.

3. POLISH regularly. It will bring out the stone’s natural beauty and reinforce the protective seal! Granite Gold Polish.

And here’s something new if you’re short on time and guests are on their way: Granite Gold Clean & Shine®, which provides the cleaning power of the Daily Cleaner and the luster from the Polish, in one easy-to-use formula.

You can find Granite Gold at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Lowe’s, The Home Depot and Walmart. Check the Store Locator at!

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