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Simple Tips for Planning an Easter Brunch

The Easter holiday is quickly approaching and that means lots of planning. This year, why not skip the whole process of lugging the family around town for brunch and set up your very own afternoon feast at home? It doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming to host an amazing Easter Brunch. Here are some tips to get you started.

Don’t be afraid to go casual. The whole point of any holiday get together is to spend time with family and friends. So you don’t need to run out and buy fancy china and expensive champagne. No stress! Look at how cute these place settings are for the little ones, I picked up some fun printed paper plates, plastic cups and napkins at Party City. Add a jelly bean centerpiece and you’ve got one enviable kids’ table!

For the grown ups, I love to mix and match my dishware. I already had these chargers and solid green plates so I only had to buy one set of fun Easter plates and these napkin rings to complete the look!

But even if you kept all of your dishes in solid colors, you can use small touches like decorative baskets and seasonal flowers to add a themed feel to the table.

Next let’s talk about the food. My best tip is to use just a few quality, versatile ingredients that you can integrate into several types of dishes. It will cut down on your shopping list and your stress levels! Jarlsberg Cheese is a great example for this. There are so many ways to enjoy this cheese and that’s why it’s such a great ingredient to incorporate into your Easter menu.

It’s a nationally recognized premium cheese that uses the original Norwegian Recipe created over 60 years ago in Norway! It has a mild, mellow and nutty taste that is perfect on a cheese board and in recipes, plus it’s naturally gluten free and lactose free.

The flavor is so delicious and because it’s mild, it can please any palate. So let’s look at some ideas for enjoying it! I created two great recipes for Easter

Easy Deviled Eggs:

Just adding some shredded Jarlsberg Cheese to the yolk mixture adds a punch of flavor and creamy texture.

Everyone loves a good cheese board!

This is a classic. I used Jarlsberg cheese and also the Jarlsberg cheese crisps with some almonds, apricots, grapes and some prosciutto.

Jarlsberg cheese is most famous for the wedge with its round holes, but is also available sliced. Perfect for those leftover Easter ham and cheese sandwiches!

And these are new - Jarlsberg Cheese Snacks - a portable cheese stick for on the go snacking and lunches and the kids could totally munch on these.

And for something crispy, there’s also new Jarlsberg Cheese Crisps which are savory crackers baked in small batches and with freshly shredded Jarlsberg Cheese on top.

So now you’re all set with a simple, tasty menu and a beautiful table to serve it on, all that’s left is to enjoy your family and friends. Happy Easter!


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