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Using Spring Travel to Reconnect with Family

It’s family vacation season and even though more parents realize the importance of creating memories with their children, it can be tough to carve out that much-needed family time. More and more Americans value experiences over things, but it’s finding the time that’s usually the biggest challenge! So here are my tips to help families reconnect through travel this spring and make those family vacations happen.

Embrace a Long Weekend. All it really takes is 3 - 4 days for a family to reconnect and shake off the usual routine. And you don’t have to go far, by focusing on destinations only a few hours away you can make the most of the weekend and avoid the “Are We There Yet?” questions. Just make sure to pick destinations with kid-friendly activities nearby such as Orlando. The Embassy Suites by Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Resort is in a great location near the theme parks and shopping and there’s plenty to do on property, like enjoying great food and drinks or lounging by the pool.

And on that note, choose a fun destination but don’t feel like you have to do and see everything you possibly can. A vacation is a chance to let go. It’s not always about making the family vacation perfect, but more about giving your family time together and opportunities to create great memories. Remember to laugh about the bumps in the road. I guarantee those moments of imperfections are the ones they’ll remember the most.

We had a family trip where it rained the entire weekend, but the kids had so much fun exploring the hotel and cuddling up in a big bed to watch movies with mom and dad. Even if the weather was bad, we were away from the hassles of work and school and focused solely on each other.

And it helps if you’re staying at a great hotel! Get the most bang for your buck and look for great amenities. Did you know the average cost of a vacation for a family of four is more than 45 hundred dollars? That’s insane! That’s why a weekend getaway is such a great way to keep costs down. Consider hotels that offer the right mix of complimentary amenities, especially with little ones in tow. For example, the Embassy Suites by Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Resort. It’s located just a mile or so from the major theme parks and offers a complimentary shuttle service to and from Magic Kingdom®.

All Embassy Suites by Hilton offer a free, cooked-to-order breakfast. The Greek yogurt and toppings bar and omelet station are always a hit with kids and parents alike.

Families can also enjoy a two hour complimentary evening reception with drinks and light snacks!

And we all know sleeping arrangements with kids that can be a challenge on vacation. So, the number one rule on a family vacation is to avoid cramped quarters. The point is to reconnect with the kids, but there’s no reason why a little me time at night can’t be a part of the weekend. Choose a hotel like Embassy Suites by Hilton where a family has plenty of space to spread out. With its two-room suites, parents and kids can get some time to themselves. Before we got smart about booking suites, my husband and I used to have to sneak around the room with the lights out once the kids were asleep, just so we wouldn’t wake them! I know a lot of parents deal with this, but with separate living and sleeping areas, now we can put the kids to bed and then relax and enjoy the rest of the quiet night together in the living space.

So to all the families out there, go ahead and find your space to relax and reconnect by heading to When every room is an affordable suite, there’s room for that.

And don't forget to enter the All Suites “Spring Break” Social Contest and win a weekend getaway! You have until midnight on April 30th to enter so head to Embassy Suites by Hilton Facebook page for more details on that!


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