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Need-to-Know Tips When Buying a Car

It’s pretty safe to say a car is not something we buy every day. So when it is time to purchase a car, it’s often a big decision no matter your budget. Not only do you want to be conscious of your pocketbook, your vehicle needs to be safe, comfortable and match the needs of your lifestyle. We all want to have confidence in our decision as it will be carrying our most precious cargo, our friends and families so it's a good thing we have Kelley Blue Book, the premier go-to-guide for car pricing, reviews and recommendations.

For over 90 years, Kelley Blue Book has been a leader in the automotive industry. Today, continues that tradition with the trusted valuations and pricing you know them for but also provides you with objective independent reviews and recommendations to help you through the car shopping process. really has easy to use and convenient online tools to help you make the right choice on your next car. One of the biggest questions we ask ourselves is how do you know if what you’re paying is truly fair? The Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor helps you buy with confidence by providing you with guidance on how much to pay for your next car. Most of us know that we shouldn’t or won’t pay sticker price but we aren’t sure what we should ask for when negotiating with a dealer. Now we know.

Price Advisor gives you a Fair Market Range of the car you are looking to buy based on what others have paid for similar vehicles. Price Advisor uses local sales data in addition to several other factors like local supply & demand, seasonality, current market conditions like fuel costs and geographical factors, and much more.

It’s really easy to use! All you have to do is:

● Go to

● Click on Price New / Used

● Select up to three vehicles you want to price and specify if they’re new, used or certified pre-owned

● Then select the style and options

● Now you have the Fair Market Range and you can be confident walking into the dealership knowing what price range is fair for the vehicle you want

It’s such a relief having Kelley Blue Book on our side so be sure to go to to price your next vehicle with Price Advisor.


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