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How to Beat the Holiday Drain

Having a house full of guests for the holidays really warms my heart...but it can also clog my drains. Thanksgiving is one of the most popular times of the year to call a plumber, but with Liquid-Plumr, you can be your own plumber this holiday season.

With more friends and family over, there’s more hair and soap scum buildup. And more people means more cooking, with more grease clogging those drains! Liquid Plumr doesn’t just destroy the toughest clogs. Its awesome, clog-destroying power makes getting rid of them easy. With Liquid Plumr at their side, everyone is empowered to be their own Plumr. So when I pick up the ham, rolls and potatoes... I make sure I grab a bottle of Liquid Plumr, now in its new gold bottle.

I love having the ability and confidence to handle a clogged drain myself- it’s so easy with Liquid-Plumr because its thick gel cuts through standing water and destroys those tough clogs now and helps prevent clogs later. Now that’s something to be thankful for!

And the best part is that Liquid-Plumr is safe for pipes, garbage disposals and septic systems. So if you have newer plastic pipes or older metal pipes, this will always be the right choice. It’s delicate yet tough enough at the same time.

Plus, Liquid-Plumr is sporting a new look starting this holiday look for the new gold bottle on shelves now and visit to learn more. When it comes to fixing clogs, Liquid Plumr empowers everyone to be her own plumber. There’s a plumber in all of us! Happy Holidays!


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