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How To Save Money This Winter

Everyone is talking about New Year’s Resolutions and a popular one is to keep your bank account happy & healthy! So if you want a little extra cash to stash, I’ve got a few simple ways to save!

#1. Donate or sell your old or unused clothes. This will help not only clear up space in your closet but also give you a little funding for some fun!

#2. Weatherize your home. Heating a house in these winter months costs a lot and it costs even more if your home can’t contain the warmth…not only is it not energy efficient, it’s literally money out the window! So take a walk around your humble abode and inspect your windows and doors for cracks or gaps. These are prime areas for heat to escape and cold weather to enter. If you find any, I’ve got just the solution.

For windows, put one of these Duck® brand MAX Strength Window Insulation Kits on to create a barrier between outside temperatures and your home. And don’t worry, it’s practically invisible so it won’t clash with your decor and you’ll still be able to see in and out! Plus I love that it’s made with a puncture-resistant film that’s two times thicker than standard window kits.

It’s also really easy to install and remove and with it priced from $11 to $15 dollars each depending on pack size, buying them for all my windows isn’t going to break my budget!

And since we’re on this window kick, let me share another of my favorites...

To help seal gaps around windows and doors I use Duck® Brand MAX Strength Silicone Weatherstrip Seals.

They’re strong, flexible and also keep out unwanted dust and bugs which is great as the seasons change. These are really affordable too, between $7-8 each.

And finally, weatherizing doors has never been easier with the Duck® brand MAX Strength Slide-On Triple Draft Seal. It’s got three layers of protection...the inner seal helps retain room temperature, an outer seal blocks drafts and the bottom fins help keep out moisture and water. All you have to do is slide it on the bottom of your door, anything up to 36” wide.

It comes in brown and a NEW clear option! Again, another affordable product, just $12-15 each. Once you’ve taken these steps toward weatherizing, you’ll notice a difference in your home and on your heating bill!

#3. Get those taxes prepared! A tax return can be a nice surprise and hey, you could even buy some Duck Brand products with it! So be sure to save this year and check out for all the details.


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