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Spring Cleaning Must Haves

If the words Spring Cleaning make you wish winter would continue a bit longer, I have a solution! Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to use up all your elbow grease or precious time when you have the right tools to help you tackle your home. I was just about to do some spring cleaning of my own with my must-haves from Hoover!

One thing that is crucial when planning for a whole home clean is making sure you have a tool that is multi-functional and able tackle a variety of messes... One that can not only tackle the mess on your floors, but also the above floor areas like stairs and furniture.

This is the Hoover REACT Cordless Vacuum and it’s got all the bells and whistles to get the job done. Now, my toddler is the queen of making messes so I love that it has an XL dirt cup and a wide cleaning path - I can easily clean several large spaces.

And speaking of going space to space, didn’t you used to hate moving your cord from outlet to outlet? Well, the Lithium Ion Battery Technology allows me to vacuum large areas in one go around without having to recharge or trail the cord around furniture, the dog or my kid!

And homes these days usually have several types of flooring, like carpet, tile and hardwood right? Well, the REACT Cordless vacuum actually has something called Floor Sense Technology that automatically detects when I go from one type of floor to another, and adjusts the vacuum for that type of floor! I told you spring cleaning can be a breeze! Speaking of which, with its powerful WindTunnel Surge suction, it easily captures dirt, dust and pet hair.

Once I’m done using my REACT on the whole home, I next look for any stains that need addressing on carpets or upholstered our couch, dining chairs, or other things that I can’t just toss in the washer machine. For these I use my Spotless Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner.

This lightweight, portable unit easily lifts and removes stains by combining powerful suction and hygienic deep cleaning tools with gentle, but effective Hoover Expert detergents. It has Dual Tank Technology which separates clean and dirty water. I just add a little cleaning fluid and I’m ready to go!

What’s neat is I don’t have to clean the entire surface...I can just spot clean as needed. Its 2-in-1 multipurpose tool is engineered with antimicrobial materials, to protect it against bacteria, mold and mildew. What’s also really nice is it’s easy to clean the unit when you’re finished! The spotless has Self-Clean Technology, a feature that flushes the hose clean after each use, so you don’t leave any dirt or bacteria inside the unit!!

So spring into Spring Cleaning with these Hoover tools that make it easy! You can pick them up a retailers nationwide or at With items like these, you might get excited when something spills!


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