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National Homeownership Month

I just celebrated my 5 year home-iversary this month, which I found out is actually National Homeownership Month! If you’re thinking of joining the homeowner club, but are a little apprehensive about the responsibility...have no fear! Thanks to technology nowadays, you can keep a watchful eye on your new abode! Or if you need a great new housewarming gift for a friend, I’ve got the perfect thing!

The VTech VC931 Wi-Fi IP HD Video Camera with Remote Pan & Tilt, Free Live Streaming & Automatic Infrared Night Vision lets you see continuous live video, talk to people and pets, and it installs in minutes with the free mobile app.

With the VC931 Wi-Fi HD Camera, you can see more of any room using gesture controls right on your phone through the app! You’ll be able to remote pan, tilt and zoom from your living room or if you want to check in from work or even if you’re on vacation somewhere!

With the automatic infrared night vision, you can make sure your home is safe and sound at all hours and record footage even when the lights are out! The infrared LEDs and professional-quality filters basically prevent colors from getting washed out in the daytime and give you better night vision after dark so you can see clearer, more true to life video around the clock.

Plus, motion alerts let you know the instant something happens at home to give you peace of mind while you're away. And since sometimes life’s biggest moments are when you least expect them... the VTech HD Camera lets you record live video on-demand as you see it happening.

The best part is it empowers homeowners to travel with peace of mind while remaining connected to their home whenever they want from wherever they are. So even if you’re a homeowner, you don’t have to be tied down to your home. You can live life away from your dwelling and still keep an eye on those things that matter most. Or if you have a growing family, this system works great to check in on the playroom too!

Just visit or to find out more about the VTech VC 931. Welcome to the homeowner club!


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