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Healthy Summer Travel

Summer is in full swing and I’m really excited for everything we have planned! I’m sure you have your trips booked already too whether it’s a road trip across country, flying somewhere exotic or maybe a long weekend to the beach! And to make sure you're prepared for travelling, here’s a few items to make your journey just a bit easier...

First up, if you’re traveling with gotta keep them busy! One of my favorite tricks is bringing a baggie filled with little crafts! It’s amazing the things they can make with a few odds and ends and some sticky tape! And you can also make a bingo game of things you might see along the way!

All that playing will make you and your travel buddies hungry so make sure to pack a few Eggland’s Best Snacks. As we know, it can be hard to find nutritious snacks while traveling, so these are such a lifesaver! Each pack contains a nutritious Eggland’s Best Hard-Cooked & Peeled egg, along with two other delicious items in a convenient snack tray...which help to keep everything contained on those bumpy rides or when turbulence kicks in. You can pick them up at your local supermarket and they have four different varieties!

The first one is a combo of Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, and a Hard-Cooked EB Egg. Perfect for breakfast or anytime you have that craving for a classic breakfast.

Or try the Salami, Provolone Cheese, and Hard-Cooked EB’s like having an Italian picnic wherever you are!

And this one is a true Mediterranean delight of imported Kalamata-style olives, creamy feta, and a hard-cooked egg, which will have you daydreaming that you’re on a Greek island.

And for those who want a sweet snack… how about rich chocolate-covered almonds with sharp white cheddar? It definitely compliments your EB hard-cooked egg anytime of day for that satisfying indulgence.

And you know how Eggland’s Best fresh shell eggs have a ton of nutritional benefits compared to ordinary eggs? Well, these hard-cooked peeled nutritional eggs deliver all the same benefits! They contain more than double the vitamin B12 and six times more vitamin D compared to ordinary eggs, which is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system for busy summer travel. Plus, you’ll also get superior nutritional benefits such as 10 times more vitamin E, double the omega-3s and 25 percent less saturated fat.

Either at your destination or when you get home, don’t forget to celebrate Family Meals Month, coming up this September. Eggland’s Best and the American Heart Association’s Healthy For Good movement are calling on families across America to take the Family Meals Month Pledge. So whether you’re having a picnic in a park or at a backyard BBQ, commit to spending an additional “dozen” minutes around the table while enjoying nutritious meals or snacks together. It’s easy to sign up for the pledge and learn more, just visit

The last thing you want to do for healthy summer travel is to hydrate! Try freezing half the bottle so it will stay cool throughout the journey and continue to provide refreshing sips. So remember to drink up, because you’ll feel fresh and energized once you reach your fun and final destination. With these tips your travel plans will be healthy and enjoyable!


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