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Back to School Organization

Preparing for our weekends at the beach will soon fade into planning our weekdays for back-to-school and it helps to be organized! Whether your student is getting ready for kindergarten or heading to college, or you want to revamp your mommy command-center, us parents are always looking for ways to ease the transition!

Shelf liner might not be on the official school supply list, but it’s one of my back-to-school lifesavers. It not only adds an element of décor and personality, it also increases the functionality of a space and keeps things neat and tidy. Let me show you how I use it!

Duck® brand has adhesive and non-adhesive options that provide limitless DIY possibilities! Let’s start with Duck® brand Deco Adhesive Laminates.

These permanent protective coverings are made from a high-quality, vinyl laminate. And I love how the backing is pre-printed...making it easy to measure and cut to size.

Plus, it’s available in a wide array of colors and designs, such as Black Marble, Grey Marble, Black Tile as well as metallics like Rose Gold.

I like to take these and cover plain notebooks for each subject...or use the Chalkboard and Dry Erase laminates to label items, create a to-do list and organize school supplies.

The non-adhesive Easy Liner® Brand Shelf Liners by Duck® Brand comes in handy too!

From kitchens to lockers to mudrooms, the grip bottom of Select Grip Easy Liner Brand Shelf Liner keeps it in place and you can can remove, reposition and redecorate as many times as you’d like. It also protects surfaces from scratches and damage so I use it for crafts with my daughter!

Smooth Top Easy Liner Brand Shelf Liner and Clear Classic Easy Liner Shelf Liner, have a smooth surface for quick clean-up. It catches messes and spills as they happen – simply wipe down or toss in the wash. Try it in pantries, kitchen cabinets, shelves and drawers, or in the refrigerator! By color coding, it helps the family know where certain items should be or where to find their favorite snacks!

With proper organization and the right products from Duck® Brand, you can start the new school year off right! Duck® brand shelf liners can be purchased at Walmart nationwide, as well as other retailers. Visit for more info.


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