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Finding Your Mane Look: New Hair Looks for Fall

The best part about changing seasons is it’s the perfect time to refresh your style. I move out my summer clothes to make room for cozy fall sweaters, and deep fall colors, but it’s also a great time to explore new hairstyles! There are so many options from sleek ponytails to fun braids and updo’s. So today I want to share a few of the products from Mane n’ Tail that are helping me style my new do this fall.

First and foremost, it’s very important that any style should always start with HEALTHY hair! Thankfully, Mane n’ Tail has a hair care solution for ALL hair types and styles with shampoo and conditioner duos that are designed for different needs. I use the Original duo, which is great for most hair types, but if your hair is dry, frizzy or over-stressed, the Deeply Moisturizing duo is just right for you. If your hair is curly or hard-to-tame, you’ll want to check out the Herbal Gro duo. And for color-treated hair Mane n’ Tail has you covered with their Color Protect duo. There really is an option for everyone!

Now once you have clean, healthy hair the styling possibilities are endless. This fall, I’m getting creative with lots of fun dos, but those can be hard to achieve with tangled hair. After I use the Original duo to clean my hair, I spray my hair with Mane n’ Tail Detangler and comb through it to get rid of any knots and tangles. It makes putting my hair in my go-to high ponytail so much easier.

Then I take a small pump of Mane n’ Tail’s Herbal Gro Anti-Frizz ’n Shine serum to keep my hair smooth and shiny. You can even wrap a small section of hair around your ponytail holder for a super sleek look!

Braids are a fun fall look too, but those annoying fly-aways drive me crazy! Mane n’ Tail’s Braid Sheen Spray helps me tame those pesky hairs to make my braids look neater than ever before. If you’re looking for a pop of color, it can be fun to add bright hair ties to your braids too!

It’s also important to remember as you’re trying all these new looks that too much styling can lead to hair damage, so using a product to protect your hair is a crucial. To keep my hair strong and rejuvenated, Mane n’ Tail’s Hair Strengthener is a must! It increases hair resilience and keeps breakage to a minimum.

So for beautiful, healthy hair be sure to head over to to find the Mane n’ Tail combination that will keep your hair looking gorgeous this fall and beyond.


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