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Weatherizing Your Home this Fall

It’s that time of year again when we see our days get shorter and cooler! So remember to set your clocks back on Nov. 4th and while you’re at it, take a moment to test your fire alarms, turn off exterior faucets and begin to weatherize your home!

Weatherizing is the first line of defense against dropping temperatures that can increase your energy bills and make living in your home, unpleasant. What’s interesting is 63% of Americans live in a home that needs weatherization and 32% don’t do anything about it because they’re not sure what to buy or where to start! And since it’s been a year since we last prepped our home for the change of season, I’m back with some helpful tips from the experts at Duck Brand, to make sure you’ve got your bases covered!

So what is weatherizing, exactly? Well, just as we bundle up when we go outside, we need to do that to our homes. Any minor cracks and holes in windows and doors can really affect the warmth of the interior! So here’s what you can do...

First, check your windows! With so many edges and gaps, windows are a prime spot for energy loss. Then pick up a Duck® brand MAX Strength™ Roll-On® Window Insulation Kit. It creates an invisible barrier between the outdoor air and your home’s inside!

Made with a puncture resistant film that is twice as thick as standard window kit film, these kits are great for high-traffic or pet friendly households. And it’s easy to use! The Roll-On® film comes with a pre-taped edge for easy application, no measuring required. It fits snugly to indoor window frames and removal is a cinch come spring!

The second thing you can do is go door-to-door! Doors are another common place for sneaky leaks and drafts and you might need a little reinforcement! The Duck® brand MAX Strength™ Slide-On Triple Draft Seal provides three layers of protection from these drafts – an inner seal helps retain room temperature, an outer seal blocks drafts and bottom fins help keep out moisture.

All you have to do is slide it nails, no damage and it works on most interior/exterior doors up to 36”. Plus, the classic brown or clear option blend in well with your door style!

And last, for those larger gaps around both windows and doors use Duck® Brand MAX Strength™ Silicone Weatherstrip Seals. Not only does the flexible silicone seal block air drafts but also unwanted dust, insects and pollen too, so feel free to keep this on year round.

To keep your home warm and welcoming this winter head on over to to find a local retailer near you or text Weather to 84444 for project guides, instructional videos and more.


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