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Getting Your Space This Holiday Season

Hey, I know the holidays are a joyful time...we’re seeing our loved ones, we’ve got gifts to wrap and family traditions to partake in! But with all that fun, comes a bit of stress, especially if you’re traveling! So here’s my gift to you, my top five tips to fix your holiday stress!

#1 Pack Like Santa! If you think about it, Santa is an organizational pro...carrying around all those items in one bag. So I try to as well! One thing I do is use clear zip bags for organizing our outfits. On the outside I write the day and name and then place the outfit inside.

I even attach my daughter’s hair bows to the collar of her shirt so everything’s ready to go each day!

#2 Find Your Space! In order to be my best self during the holidays, I need a little bit of me time and ample space. So staying in a spacious suite away from the relatives is a great way to recharge. Embassy Suites by Hilton, Homewood Suites by Hilton and Home2Suites by Hilton are my go to’s.

The Suites brands by Hilton now have over 1,000 properties where every room is a suite, which means there’s even more affordable and spacious options! Whether it’s for work or with the family, their amenities allow me to travel comfortably and unpack my bags and my mind.

#3 Timeouts Aren’t Just for Kids! I recently read that 55 minutes is all it takes to recharge your mind and body and eighty-seven percent of people believe having extra space to themselves makes them better people, with more energy, they feel friendlier and even funnier which is great during this social time of year. Plus when you have separate rooms, a mommy timeout is totally doable! We love staying at Embassy Suites by Hilton where my husband and I can have our own space after a long day. When I put my daughter to bed, we can close the door and relax in the other room without disturbing her.

#4 Make it Feel Like Home. When I travel over the holidays I want to make sure it still feels like home, so I bring some family traditions with me, like our stockings and a gingerbread decorating kit. Because I know Homewood Suites by Hilton and Home2 Suites by Hilton have full kitchens, we can still enjoy so many of these holiday moments as a family.

#5 Arrive Empty Handed! Now, I’m not saying to go all grinch and skip out on the season of giving. I’m just saying don’t jam up your luggage with all those gifts! Take advantage of free shipping promotions online and do your shopping and shipping ahead of time. And if you still want to put your personal wrapping touch on the gifts when you arrive, remember to travel with some flat gift bags, tags and tissue!

With these simple tips your holidays are sure to be happy! Book your next stay at .

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