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Entertaining for the Big Game: Dip It 2 Win It!

The big game is quickly approaching and I’m sure you’re prepping a winning spread! It’s always a good idea to have an assortment of foods for everyone to enjoy, so here’s a few crowd pleasing favorites!

If you’re hosting, you have quite a few things to juggle, so I like to keep things simple and tasty. One thing you can do is create a dipping buffet filled with an assortment of dips like the ones I have here.

To compliment everyone’s tastes, I’ve got a seven layer dip, hummus, spinach artichoke and guacamole!

You can either set them all out on one table, or spread them around the room which will help your guests spread out too!

And if you have dip, you’ll need something to dip with! Chips, pretzels and bread make me feel pretty heavy after the four-hour long game so I also like to sub in Dandy Celery from Duda Farm Fresh Foods.

Dandy Celery is naturally sweet, crisp, and has less strings, which makes it a perfect go-to for any party. It’s also lower in calories, extra hydrating and gives you added fiber and nutrients you might not get on a typical football spread. Plus the taste just can’t be beat! Dandy Celery flavor is delicious because their team of experts have worked hand-in-hand with Mother Nature for generations to ensure the best seed varieties are planted and harvested in the optimal growing region.

And I love that it’s its own scooper, which means less dishes I have to do at the end of the night!

To get in on some of the action, be sure to enter into Dandy’s Dip It 2 Win It sweepstakes because they’re giving away a 75” TV and Weber Grill to one lucky winner, as well as several 55” TVs to secondary winners. To win big, head to to enter and to find lots of great recipes!

Whether you’re hosting or bringing something to share, a dip with Dandy Celery will be a win-win.


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