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Parent Approved Snacks

Those little lunch boxes our kids carry to school contain more than just cute wrappers and goodies. What parents put inside really does matter as the food affects kids’ attention levels and overall health. That’s not to say they don’t deserve a little treat now and then. But some are better-for-you than others and I have a few with me today that taste delicious!

Voortman Bakery has been baking happiness since 1951. And you’ll definitely want to put these Voortman Wafers on your back-to-school lunch shopping list! See, the difference is, these are made with real ingredients. You won’t find artificial colors, flavors or high fructose corn syrup and with many different flavors, there’s something for everyone’s lunch box.

I have classic vanilla and chocolate, chocolate raspberry, strawberry, banana, strawberry and banana, lemon, key lime, peanut butter and coconut cream. As soon as you unwrap these, you can already smell the real fruit in each wafer! And get this, Voortman’s baked goods are shipped right after their baked, they’re never stored in a warehouse. Voortman Bakery believes that real tastes better and we couldn’t agree more!

So put a handful of your favorite flavor or a mixture of different flavors into your kids lunch box! They also make a special after school snack and they’re the perfect item to share with your kids’ sports teams!

You won’t have any trouble finding these either! You can visit to find a retailer near you but chances are they’re already at your local grocery store.

So stock your pantry with these Voortman Wafers as well as any of their other baked goods like cookies or sugar free cookies and wafers, and you can be confident that this next school year will be a success!

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