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5 Ways to Take Good Care of Your Car

Did you know that 60% of Americans consider their vehicles to be part of the family? That’s according to a survey by Toco Warranty.

With the fall season upon us and cooler weather creeping in, how are you going to care for your four-wheel family member?

Toco Warranty has a few helpful car care tips to keep us on the road and keep life going, without missing a beat!

#1 Check Your Tires. As we drive more, we’ll see more wear and tear on our tires, and the weather plays a big part too! A car’s tire pressure decreases by a pound every 10 degrees colder. So make sure to check them regularly as the temperature drops in fall and winter.

#2 Check Your Headlights and Taillights. As the days get shorter starting in the fall, we depend even more on our vehicle’s lights to lead the way and be seen. So do a quick check to make sure they are shining bright!

#3: Replace Your Wiper Blades. Blades should be replaced about every 6 months as rain, snow, ice and even the sun has damaging effects on the rubber components. Replacing the blades allows for a cleaner and more comprehensive “wipe” when you drive, so it’s best to have them replaced now, before the weather gets too bad.

#4 Get an Oil Change. As we get busy, oil changes can be one of the to-do’s we put off, but they’re really important. The mechanisms under our hood are counting on clean oil to run smoothly.

As you maintain your vehicle, you breathe new life into it. However, unexpected situations do occur that you can’t foresee, and for that, you can protect your car and your wallet with a flexible VSC or vehicle service contract, like with Toco Warranty.

A VSC helps cover certain unexpected car repairs, but not all VSCs are the same.

Toco Warranty allows you to pay-as-you-go with no money down and use the mechanic you want. Toco also offers peace of mind with affordable monthly payments and additional benefits, such as a dedicated concierge and simple claims process, 24-hour roadside assistance, trip interruption coverage if your car breaks down, a rental car while yours is in the shop, and hotel and motel discounts.

See, Toco Warranty gets it done for car owners—because when it comes to your car, every mile counts. Visit or call (800) 204-1602 for more information!

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