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Finally, Car Shopping Easy

If you’re in the market for a different vehicle, you can now look forward to the process! Car shopping has notoriously been a long, dreaded sequence but now with Autotrader the process is surprisingly friction-less.

One of the toughest parts of the car buying process is feeling confident that you know the fair price for the vehicle you’re interested in. But when you use Autotrader, the only car shopping site with Kelley Blue book on every listing, you can be confident you are getting a fair price before you head to the dealership. Let's see how it works.

As you bring up the Autotrader homepage, go ahead and search for the make and model of the type of car you’d like to have in your garage!

As you scroll through the many cars available in your area, look for the Kelley Blue Book seal. This tells you whether the price of that car is fair, removing the doubt around the deal. As you can see, not all vehicles have a good deal or great deal indicator which means they might be above fair market range.

When you continue to scroll down the vehicles page on Autotrader, you will see the Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor tool. This tool shows the fair price for the car you are looking at; if the price is good or great it will fall in the green range. However, if your car does not fall in the green, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good deal. Some cars have premium features like special paint or an entertainment system that can increase the vehicle's value for you, but not necessarily the rest of the market.

The convenience of having these tools on Autotrader really help make car buying a breeze! You’ll also appreciate the high quality and quantity of photographs showing all angles of the vehicles as well as thorough descriptions for the vehicle’s accessories,Special equipment or features and other useful information.

With Autotrader, car buying is finally easy. So start shopping online at and get the confidence you need to find the car of your dreams!

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