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Finally, It's Easy

Buying a car is an exciting experience and everyone wants to feel confident that they are getting a fair price.

That’s why Autotrader is a car buyer’s best friend. It’s the only car shopping site with Kelley Blue Book on every listing so you can be sure you’re equipped with the knowledge needed to make the right decisions! And, Autotrader can also help you Accelerate your deal, which will save you time at the dealership!.

First, bring up the Autotrader homepage, and go ahead and search for the make and model of the type of car you want - I’m sure you have one that you can just picture in your driveway!

Once the search results are up, there will probably be a lot of matched cars available in your area, so let me give you two tips to find the best options. These are both Kelley Blue Book pricing tools and again, Autotrader is the only third-party car shopping site with Kelley Blue Book, which really helps provide pricing transparency and boost your buying confidence.

Ok, the first tool is the Kelly Blue Book Good Price or Great Price indicators. These indicate whether the price of that listing is fair. As you can see on the page, not all vehicles have a good price or great price indicator which means they might be above the Kelley Blue Book fair market range.

When you’re looking a little closer at a specific listing, be sure to scroll down the page to find the second tool - the Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor. This shows the fair price for the car you are looking at; if the price is good or great it will fall in the green zone showing the Kelley Blue Book Fair Market range.

Then, and once you’ve found that perfect car, Autotrader also helps you Accelerate your deal, to relieve in-dealership stress!

That’s right, you can start the deal and paperwork online, even determine your monthly payment by calculating your trade-in value, financing, and down payment. That way all you have to do when you get to the dealership is test drive and sign!

As you can see, Autotrader really helps you out when it comes to making car buying easy! So, head to Autotrader to accelerate your deal and feel good about getting a fair price!

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