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Voortman Holiday Cookies

The holiday season is so magical. But there is a lot to jingle, I mean juggle. So to help balance the season I have a few secrets to help do it all while also being very festive!

First up - if you don’t always have time to bake from scratch, it’s okay! Leave it to Voortman Bakery who have been baking delicious cookies and wafers for years. Just pick up a few of their festive varieties on your next shopping trip to your local grocery store. They’re an easy go-to that taste great on their own but here’s a few inspiring things you can do to add some holiday flair!

When your doorbell rings and you find your neighbors at your doorstep with cookies, keep a few of these mason jars on hand, filled with your favorite Voortman Assorted Festive or Gingerbread. Add a ribbon and a cute note and stash multiple ones in your pantry just for these types of situations! Little gestures like this are always appreciated and remembered!

When you’re heading out the door to a holiday party, bring a tray of sweets with you. A large tray stacked with Voortman Wafers in the shape of a snowflake will make any holiday buffet that much sweeter! You can even add a little color with cranberries or other garnish like marshmallows!

And of course the kiddos will love to get crafty too! So have them pick out their favorite Voortman cookies like Gingerbread or Snickerdoodle and make these cute snowmen! Add a scarf with frosting and little eyes to make him come to life! And of course he’ll need a top hat, just use Voortman Gingerbread wafers!

During this time of year you want to give gifts that you can be proud of and Voortman Bakery only uses real ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors or high fructose corn syrup.

So keep it real this holiday season and effortless! That way you can enjoy all the special moments! Visit Voortman's website for even more inspiration!

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