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Celebrate National Dairy Month

June is National Dairy Month, and it’s also the start of summer! So let’s celebrate both with some spectacular summer dishes crafted with real Wisconsin dairy.

Today I’ve got two recipes to share that are a treat to the eye and sure to have your taste buds hoppin’. And when I’m preparing these, I look to the experts from America’s Dairyland! Wisconsin is the “State of Cheese,” in fact - they’ve been making cheese longer than it’s been a state! They take their cheese seriously - Wisconsin is the only state that requires a license to make cheese and they win more cheese awards…. than any other state… or country! It’s clearly the MVP ingredient to creating beautiful cheese plates, salads and mouth watering recipes.

Speaking of mouth watering, let’s start with the Summer Mezze Platter here. The charcuterie has a little bit of everything from the Mediterranean. Alongside the delicious provolone and parmesan are artichokes, cucumbers, tomatoes and olives, pickled jalapeños and apricots, honeydew wrapped with prosciutto, pitas and paprika sprinkled hummus and of course, Buffalo-flavored Wisconsin cheese curds. Just imagine your friends and family’s faces when you set this out on the porch!

And for something a little sweeter this summer, you’ve got to try this Grilled Pound Cake with Fruit Compote. The rich pound cake is grilled with butter and honey and the fruit compote is a delicious combination of summer flavors - blackberries, cherries, honey and orange juice. It goes without saying, but the dessert wouldn’t be complete without its topping, the rich and creamy whipped Mascarpone!

So as you get your summer recipes ready, always look for the “Proudly Wisconsin Cheese” badge when you’re shopping and you’ll know you’ve found the best! For more recipe inspiration, visit and celebrate National Dairy Month like a Wisconsonite!

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