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Family-Favorite Holiday Essentials

What do you get when you combine family, friends, and Wisconsin Cheese? Good times with good food, of course! And this holiday, we're gathering around the cheeseboard, because we all know - the more cheese, the merrier!

Known as the State of Cheese, Wisconsin offers your holiday festivities the world's most awarded cheese. No, really, they win more awards than anywhere in the world. And they're the only state that requires a license to make cheese - so you can trust they know their craft!

That's why I'm excited to share with you three delicious, cheesy recipes for you and your loved ones to enjoy at home and beyond!

Start your holiday menu off right with this crave-worthy Spiked Cheeseboard. It features Wisconsin's signature gouda and cheddar cheeses, like cranberry, maple bourbon, and apple cinnamon, offering all of your favorite holiday flavors in one spot. Add nuts, crackers, and yummy fruits, like dates, pears, and cherries. And while you're at it, add a glass of wine or hard cider to really bring out the flavors in this irresistibly satisfying appetizer.

Next, we're skipping past the main course and straight to the desserts with these decadent Port Wine Cheese Truffles. Made with rich chocolate and Wisconsin's best Port Wine cheese, these offer a sweet treat for your guests, a thoughtful gift, or a small indulgence for yourself.

And this Holiday Eggnog Cheesecake is as pretty as it is yummy. Decorated with sugared fresh cranberries, strawberries, and rosemary, this festive dessert features Wisconsin's creamy Ricotta and Cream Cheeses over a graham cracker crust. It's happiness in every bite!

So this season, the More the Merrier -spread the holiday cheer with Wisconsin Cheese! For more recipe inspiration, visit and look for the "Proudly Wisconsin Cheese" badge while shopping at your local grocers to ensure you're getting only the best!

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