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Impress Your Guests: Must-Have Furniture Upgrades

The holidays are always a special time for families and friends to gather under one roof. If it happens to be your turn to host this season, today, I've got the perfect way to upgrade your living space to entertain your guests ...with Lovesac Sactionals with StealthTech.

It may look like an ordinary couch, but Lovesac Sactionals with StealthTech are far from it. This couch offers an immersive 4D surround sound experience from the comfort of your living room - turning family movie nights into something truly spectacular this holiday season.

The StealthTech Sound plus Charge System, features premium 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound speakers by Harman Kardon elegantly embedded inside Sactionals. Plus, this couch also includes hidden wireless chargers in each arm to charge phones, tablets, and more.

The StealthTech System can be controlled and customized through the Lovesac StealthTech App. Easily adjust volume levels, toggle between Harman Kardon-designed Sound Modes, and create and save your own custom sound profiles for all of your entertainment needs.

The couch itself is totally customizable, too. With just a few Seats and a few Sides, you can easily create a configuration that perfectly fits your space. Lovesac offers over 200 cover options varying in material and color to match your home's aesthetic. No matter which fabric or layout you choose, the Sound plus Charge System optimizes the audio for your specific Sactionals setup for consistent sound quality. And, if you spill a drink, these covers are removable and washable, so your couch can always look new.

When you’re not using it for holiday movie nights, Sactionals can even transform into a bed with the Guest Rest Bedding kit. It's easy, comfortable, and great for holiday hosting.

To learn more and try Lovesac Sactionals for yourself, visit or a local showroom to upgrade your living space and impress your guests this holiday season.

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