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Portable Power Solutions for Your Next Adventure

As the temps cool for Fall, outdoor activities only get better from here - especially with an EcoFlow Delta 2 portable power station!

With industry-leading recharging speeds, up to 3,000 watt-hours of expandable capacity, a product lifetime 6 times the industry average and more, the DELTA 2 is a new home essential appliance for every family. It's perfect for camping in the wilderness, traveling, or even when you're stuck in a blackout at home.

The Delta 2 boasts an impressive output of 1800 watts, 3,000 cycles to support a household’s daily use for up to 10 years and power 90 percent of all appliances, too. This can be anything from phones, tablets, and laptops to small appliances like hair dryers, coffee makers, electric frying pans and so much more. Basically, if you can plug it into the Delta 2, you can trust it will keep everything powered on when you need it most.

And when I say this charges fast - it really charges fast! It goes from 0 to 80 percent power in just 50 minutes, making DELTA 2 the fastest in the industry. Not around a traditional outlet to juice up the battery? No worries! You can fully recharge this station from your car and even solar panels within 3 to 6 hours.

Plus, it's always good to have a backup! With the DELTA 2 Smart Extra Battery, you can easily double the capacity for larger power needs.

What’s more? The DELTA 2 also supports WiFi and Bluetooth. You can connect the DELTA 2 to the EcoFlow mobile app for convenient energy management. Wherever you go, you can easily adjust settings and monitor performance remotely for a hassle-free on-the-go experience.

Grab your Delta 2 for $999 and double the power with the DELTA 2 Extra Battery for $799!

With EcoFlow's DELTA 2 Power Station, power your devices your way, no matter where you are! To learn more and purchase your DELTA 2 Power Station, head to to get this must-have to power up life's amazing adventures.

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