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Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests

Hosting the holidays in your home can be a busy time! There's tons of prep to be done before they arrive, and today, I have unique tips to help you create a home away from home for your guests this holiday season.

While preparing guest bedrooms are typically at the top of your to-do list - think about your bathroom, too. Around this time of year, I like to keep it festive and fun with decor, but if you want to impress your guests - consider upgrading your porcelain throne with Kohler.

Simple changes like swapping out your traditional toilet seat for one featuring a bidet elevates your guest's experience with comfort and personalization. Kohler's C3155 Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat uses soothing heated water to provide a higher level of cleansing and hygiene. A built-in side panel is ergonomically designed to easily control water temperature and spray, while the heated seat keeps you comfortable. A built-in nightlight illuminates the bowl, and the self-cleaning stainless steel wand uses UV light for automatic cleaning. This is one great way to provide luxury in the comfort of your home.

Next, spend less time cleaning and more time entertaining with the Corbelle ContinuousClean Toilet. Corbelle with ContinuousClean raises toilet cleanliness to a new level. It dispenses a consistent amount of toilet bowl cleaner with every flush to keep your bowl cleaner between flushes. Simply place a cleaning tablet in the tank compartment, and set the desired amount with the adjustment dial. With this toilet, it's just one less thing you have to worry about!

Last up is a smart toilet! The Veil One-Piece Smart Toilet pairs bold minimalist style with the comfort of personal cleansing. With adjustable warm-water sprays and warm air drying, Veil creates an unparalleled feeling of cleanliness. The heated seat provides ample comfort so you're not in for any cold surprises on those chilly mornings. And, this smart toilet also cleans itself! It combines the power of UV light, electrolyzed water, and an automatic deodorization system to keep the bowl fresh. You don't even need to close the lid anymore, either. The hands-free motion sensors take care of that too.

Find all these options at and upgrade your bathroom this holiday!

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