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Revamp Your Dishwashing Routine

When doing dishes, you expect your dishwasher to do the dirty work for you. And depending on the type of detergent used - results can vary. Food still lingers after a cycle and glasses don’t have that crystal clear shine..until now.

Today, we’re looking at why Joy’s NEW auto-dish pod is worth your attention – and your dirty dishes:

Like the most effective pods out there, Joy Blast is triple action, incorporating a degreasing agent, rinse aid and powder detergent. That’s three chambers for three different cleaning actions. And since it has a rinse aid built in, you don’t have to spend extra money (or waste more plastic) buying one. These dishwasher pods keep Mother Earth in mind, created with plant-based and bio-based ingredients, without phosphates or chlorine and comes in recyclable packaging.

But that’s not all you’ll find in this powerful pod. Unlike some of its competitors, Joy Blast was formulated with a special agent that targets and fights the negative effects of hard water minerals that are known to cause spotting and filming. So if you live in an area with hard water, this is the pod for you.

In fact, according to third party lab testing, Joy Blast performs head-to-head with Cascade Platinum, removing just as many spots and filming marks. But here’s the kicker: It averages at around 20% less. That means you’re getting the performance of a high tier pod without the high price tag.

What do I love about it? It’s efficient in quick wash cycles with no pre-wash needed. Not only does that mean it gets my dishes clean in half the time, but makes running the dishwasher the economic and environmental choice. And finally, the cherry on top. Staying true to its legacy, Joy Blast features the signature lemon fresh scent Joy has been known for since 1968, when it was one of the first dish soaps to incorporate lemon scent.

Any longtime fans of Joy know its reputation for high-quality cleaning and value price. Joy Blast is a continuation of that reputation. If you’re new to Joy, go see for yourself. Visit and use their store locator to find a store that sells any of the Joy products near you.

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