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Tricks for Picky Eaters

I don’t know about your kids, but mine are very particular about what they put into their mouths which makes meal time rather stressful. Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned to keep even the pickiest of kid eaters in check.

Kid-Friendly Kitchen

This is not only about safety, but also how appealing your kitchen is for your little ones. Get some colorful plates, bowls, cups or even pick-up ones with their favorite characters on them. This will provide for a more welcoming environment they’ll want to be a part of.

Include Them in the Prep

Invite your kids to help you make the meals or even set the table. You can even invest in a fun or personalized apron just for them. They’ll love to play chef with you!

Add Some Variety to the Every Day

If you are always serving your veggies hot, try serving it to them cold to see if they like the change. Frozen fruit provides for some great, different recipes you can try, like this banana ice cream I posted about here (link to banana ice cream post).

Presentation is Key

I love to get creative with how I serve meals to my kids. You can make something bland appear exciting and new by packaging it in an appealing way. Little ones are very visual and often times will “eat with their eyes” first! Create smiling faces or even outdoor sceneries. You’d be surprised at how into this you will get. Check out Pinterest for a ton of kid-friendly food plating or lunch packing ideas.

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