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  • Michelle Yarn

Finding Your Fitness Balance

Fitness is such a crucial element to leading an overall healthy lifestyle, but staying motivated and on track is often times easier said than done. Here are some of my workout tricks to keep you on the right path towards your fitness goals!

Tip #1: Consistency

My first tip is to stay consistent with a set routine. Even if it is just 20 minutes on the treadmill or a walk around the neighborhood a few times a week, creating a habit and sticking to it is the first step in making sure you stay on track with your goals. No exercise program in the world will work if you don’t do it consistently. Writing down which days you plan to workout at the start each week can help you manage and commit to a workout schedule!

Tip #2: Use the buddy system to your advantage

Find a friend or family member who is also looking to establish a healthier lifestyle and encourage one another to exercise TOGETHER. You’re more likely to workout if someone else is counting on you to do it with them. Plus, you’ll be able to strengthen your relationship and enjoy one another’s company in the process.

Tip #3: Workout in the morning

Wake up just an hour earlier a few times a week to fit in a workout. Planning to go after work is great if you can stick to it, but it's a lot easier to tell yourself you had an especially exhausting day and throw in the towel. I like to set out my workout clothes, sneakers and an energy booster the night before so you’re ready to go first thing when you wake up.

Tip #4: Have an energy booster on hand

This will give you that extra push you need to get through your workout! My go to right now is XYIENCE Energy Drink. I love it because it tastes great and has zero sugar and zero calories. It's formula is fortified with B-vitamins and made with special ingredients like guarana and ginseng, providing a boost of energy without adding those unwanted calories.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a gym newbie, drinking XYIENCE is a great way to boost energy before OR after a workout. It comes in 8 naturally flavored varieties, including Mango Guava, Frostberry Blast, Blue Pomegranate, Cran Razz, Fruit Punch, Tangerine, Melon Mayhem, and my favorite, Cherry Lime. You can find these in convenience, mass merchandise, specialty or grocery stores nationwide and be sure to check out to learn more.

Finally, remember that there will be ups and downs so be patient and hopefully these tips will help you on your path to achieve a healthy fitness balance!

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